5 Benefits of Eating Sustainable Seafood

In recent times, the concept of sustainable food has gained immense popularity worldwide. An increasing number of people are embracing the need to protect the environment and eat healthily. Consuming sustainable seafood offers you the opportunity to do so and much more.

Sustainable seafood is caught or farmed with concern for the species being harvested, their habitat and the welfare of communities dependent on fishing.

Here are five benefits of eating sustainable seafood

  • A Healthier You: Many types of sustainable fish are exceptionally good for your health. Research has shown that environmental-friendly seafood is great sources of protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, essential vitamins and minerals. Sustainable seafood is also low in contaminants, such as mercury.
  • Won’t bore a hole in your pocket: Most sustainably harvested seafood such as trout, Arctic char and Barramundi are inexpensive, making them available for everyday consumption.
  • Save endangered species: Over 1000 fish species are endangered and at the brink of extinction. By consuming sustainable fishes, you reduce the demand for endangered species, allowing them to rebuild their populations.
  • Assist Fishing-dependent communities: Coastal regions are responsible for most of the available sustainable seafood. Indigenes of these regions rely on fishing as their major source of income and food. When you purchase sustainable seafood, you ensure their continued existence.
  • Enter: Delicious Delicacies: Sustainable seafood such as Barramundi can be prepared and enjoyed in a variety of ways. When you eat sustainably, you take care of yourself as well as the planet. This is a rewarding way to eat.

Join the movement, eat sustainable seafood and heal the environment.