Microwave cooking: Tips For Using And Cleaning Your Microwave.

Modern technology has provided new and easier ways to prepare some of our favourite dishes and snacks. The kitchen essential, Microwave ovens, help do this and much more.

Microwave cooking is a fast, safe and convenient method of heating and baking food. Making it a preferred choice to alternative options such as boiling and baking (with other types of ovens)

Like all technology, microwaves must be used by the book to prevent a breakdown and food poisoning.

Here are 3 tips for using and cleaning microwaves:

  • Follow manuals instructions: Make sure you read and follow directions stipulated in the machine’s user manual. It will guide you on operating procedure and precautionary steps to take for safety. A basic instruction found in all instructions for use is to ensure its doors are completely closed and sealed.
  • Use containers labelled “microwave safe.” Do not use aluminium or other metal pans in the microwave to prevent poorly cooked food and machine damage. You should also avoid using plastic except they are microwave safe because it can melt into food. Microwave safe glasses and ceramics are preferred options.
  • Clean with Vinegar: You can sanitize and deodorize your microwave oven by heating white vinegar and water in a glass cup of 5-10 minutes. After the time has expired, remove the mixture and wipe the interior of your microwave. Also, ensure to give outside the oven a good shine using rubbing alcohol.

Additionally tip: check for leakages and other malfunctions for immediate repair.