Top 4 Summer Foods That Can Stop Constipation

Summer is a season abundant in a variety of foods with a variety of functions. Some summer staples are extra helpful in relieving bowel movement difficulties, also known as constipation.

Constipation varies between persons and can be caused by a couple of reasons, ranging from certain food consumption, and inactivity to dehydration. What might constitute constipation to one might be a normal bowel cycle to another. However, this condition is always uncomfortable and requires immediate resolve.

Here are top 4 summer foods that will help ease your constipation problems.

  • Cucumbers: You can’t go wrong with cucumbers. In addition to being a diuretic that aids your body remove sodium by causing you to urinate often, cucumbers are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and electrolytes. When consumed adequately, cucumbers can be effective in relieving constipation because they keep the body hydrated and regulate water retention.
  • Lettuce: Among other functions, this green veggie is a great source of fibre. Oftentimes, constipation is caused by fibre deficiency in the body. Generously including lettuce into your diet can positively affect your bowel movements.
  • Apricot: Apricot is a great summer fruit rich in fibre, a nutrient essential for a proper and smooth bowel movement. Apricots also serve as a delicious addition to your shakes, juices and fruit salads.
  • Grapes: Grapes are easy to get during summer. Whether green or red, fresh or dry, grapes contain a lot of water and fibre that will free up your bowels.

Fruits and vegetables are indispensable to a healthy immune system and general wellness. For this reason, they should always occupy a large portion of your diet.