6 Fruits And Vegetables That Have More Vitamin C Than Oranges

Its common knowledge that fruits and vegetables are imperative for a healthy living. These staples are excellent sources of numerous essential vitamins and minerals that help our bodies function optimally and fend off diseases. It’s no secret that oranges supply the body with Vitamin C. However, not many people know that other foods contain far more significant amounts of Vitamin C. They include:

  • Guava: Do you know that this sweet seeded fruit has almost twice the amount of Vitamin C present in oranges? A single fruit (100g) of guava equals over 200 mg of C vitamin. Definitely, this fruit deserves a place in your diet.
  • Pineapple: This yellow treasure of fruity goodness is another great source of Vitamin C often overlooked. Pineapples are also special because they contain manganese, minerals hardly food in natural foods.
  • Strawberries: Strawberries are fruits that are super rich in nutrients including Vitamins C, although slightly above the amount found in oranges. This heart-shaped staple is also plenteous in antioxidants.
  • Broccoli: Broccoli is essential to our health for a variety of reasons, including their Vitamin C contents, an important element in boosting collagen and preventing lung cancer.
  • Kale: Apart from being greatly beneficial to general wellness, Kale is also a rich source of Vitamin C and K.
  • Bell Pepper: Red or yellow, bell peppers are excellent sources of Vitamin C. They also promote eye and heart health with their antioxidant properties.

You don’t have to worry about not taking enough oranges anymore, just add these staples to your diets and boost your Vitamin C levels like never before.